...Cleaver that is... and I'm okay with that! With all of her glorious motherly ways.
I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
Laugh with me or at me, I don't care. I just hope I can evolve during this process!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

pay it forward ~ handmade

I have decided to join in with a wonderful Pay it Forward I found over at Marigold's Loft.
Would you like to play along?

Here are the rules:
1.  I will send a surprise gift to the first three people to comment on this post. The gift will be handmade by me.  It will be sent sometime in the next 365 days. It will be a surprise.  We all love getting surprises in the mail, right?
2. To sign up and receive a gift, you must play along, too. Pay it Forward on your blog, by promising to make a surprise for the first three people who comment on the post.
3. You must have a blog. (That is regularly updated, as I will blog stalk you to find the right little something for you)
4. After commenting here, you must repost this or something similar to your blog in 48 hours.  If not, I will chose the next person who comments…
Admit it.
It sounds fun, doesn't it?
Who doesn't like surprise packages in the mail?
Just make sure I can reach you.



  1. Boo! You have to have a blog to play!??! If I only I continued with one of the what, 5 blogs I started? Lucky real bloggers :-/

    1. Yes, indeed, although not my rules. I guess you should get a blog up and going? It pays to blog. Like every. other. single. person. You could be "one of us, one of us..."

  2. Yay! Pick me! I did this last year but used FB and it was great fun. (Maybe Rehana could use Facebook?) Count me IN, knit-sista!

    1. If my dear friend Rehana even used FB...

      But I'm glad you're in! Its going to be totally fun.

  3. EEEeeeeee!! I'm excited, and very much in!! What an awesome idea!
    Hope you had a fab couple of first days back at work btw!! xo

  4. Sounds like fun, I'm just wondering if I update my blog regularly enough.

  5. Betty I think you update your blog on a regular enough basis! I'd love to have you in the handmade circle! And you'll have lots of fun paying it forward too!


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