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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Knit Along! Another Knit Along!

So I stalk this blog luvinthemommyhood. Shannon inspires me to get my knit AND sewing on. This spring she's got a Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL (you will see the button on the right) going on and I've joined. Cause you know what? I need to knit something for myself! And I've been eying a tank pattern since last summer.

I went and bought myself this gorgeous bamboo silk yarn at my LYS. I even found it in the sale section!
Ella Rae Bamboo Silk "orange"

Its a bit more orange as this picture shows.

And I'm going to knit Coachella.
This amazing drapey tank top.

I'm going to make it longer for so many reasons that need not be explained. But otherwise. I hope this yarn makes a great Coachella!

So I've done a couple swatches. Adjusted my needle size to suit and have cast on. Problem one. The one set of circulars I bought in bamboo are the 6mm I need for this project. The blunt tips and the fine yarn do not get along. I got very mad at my project this afternoon. I also have to knit the first 5 rows into the back of each stitch which is trickier and a pointier needle tip could really help right now. I'm so frustrated but dealing.

Next issue. My project is too small for the circular so I have to knit in Magic Loop method, which is fine except the stitches won't slide on and off the needle nicely. And this yarn is so deliciously soft its slippy!
*insert baby cry here*
BLARG! (I say that a lot. Can you tell I'm a Tina Fey fan?)
Or am I doing something wrong? I'm starting on the neckline so maybe things will change but it calls for circulars and my ends won't reach so...

Anyway, I shall persevere. I really want to have this tank. Summer is coming!

Stay tuned for updates... if you dare.


  1. Seriously loving that yarn and that tank! I too, would most definitely need it longer. Much longer. :) Good luck!

  2. Cindy, this is AWESOME! Love the yarn, love the color (it's going to look great on you!), love the pattern! What you need, my friend, is a pair of Addi Skacel Lace needles. (The ones with the gold tips) They are so lovely to knit with. Your stitches will literally fly off the needles and you will enjoy every stitch instead of fighting the needles. They're a little pricey, but they last forever. I've checked my stash, but unfortunately, the closest I have is a 6.5mm :( Hurray for you, I will keep up with the progress!

  3. Best line ever! "I'm going to make it longer for so many reasons that need not be explained." Hahahaha! Thanks for the comment today on my blog-- I've added you to my RSS reader so I'll be visiting lots! You're funny-- loved this post!

    I see you're in Toronto. I'll be there in July for a conference! Any knitting shop recommendations that are accessible by transit?

    1. I'm following you now too! I call it stalking, but following is a much more polite term, eh?

      And yes, I'll get you some store names for sure.


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