...Cleaver that is... and I'm okay with that! With all of her glorious motherly ways.
I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
Laugh with me or at me, I don't care. I just hope I can evolve during this process!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Stereo Cabinet Facelift

I'm so happy! I actually finished a project on target this long weekend. This is huge folks. Especially since we have had amazing weather and taken to the outdoors quite a bit. But there's always nap time. Thank goodness for that. My three and a half year old still takes a good afternoon nap on some occasions and this weekend it was needed. The two kids can't shake this cold they've got.

But this allows me time to do my stuff and this weekend I'm on a laundry and cleaning strike. Gross, yes, but much needed cause otherwise it can take over your life and its all I ever do. Am I right?

So here, the reveal. Cabinet re-dressed.

It was all pretty straight forward. Unscrew the panels, speakers and handles; remove old fabric that had been stapled on and affix new fabric with double sided tape and hot glue at the corners. Again I hit a project where I remember I don't have a staple gun. Who doesn't own a staple gun, for the love of...
I really need to get me one.

But really, I managed without and am so happy with the new cheery look. (So is my son actually)

And I love how much the handles show up now.
And I've got a bit of the fabric left. About 10". Not too much, but enough. I'll put it away in my fabric stash and rediscover it later.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fabric Love

For the past 3 weekends my fabric shopping has been put on hold for various reasons but yesterday I booked time and went out. I have a place not too far that is pretty huge that I usually hit but wouldn't you know, when I street parked a block away from it I found myself in front of a place called 'the workroom'. A folding street sign is all I saw. I've never noticed the place before. Its been there 4 years! How could this be? (Because I don't go out for strolls outside my own direct hood since I had my first baby in 2008). Sad sad.

But now, I have a new fave fabric place. Its so beautifully organized and simple. AND if I should want for a workshop sewing course, voila, a great space to go.

If I'd thought to pull out my phone to take photos I could show you their wall of super colour organized cotton prints. Instead I'll insert a screen shot from their website to give you an idea.

This is how I need a fabric shop laid out.
I found all four fabric project prints here. For the record, I did pop out to the originally planned place of business but their layout and crowds and prices turned me away. After finding this quiet little place I think this is now my go-to shop.

So what did I buy?

Alexandre Henry: In The Kitchen: Red Tea ABC Cookery for a sling shelf for the kid's room. Had to be unisex and in a colourway that would somewhat match the room. And I love this.
Lily Ashbury: Tradewinds: Malabar Green Ornament. Bean Bag Chair fabric. The kids should have some fun seats in our living room. And washable.
And from the same collection this fabulous fabric to recover an old stereo console that needs a drastic pick-me up. Lily Ashbury: Tradewinds: South Pacific Jaipur

I got this old console years ago for a great deal through a friend who upcycles anything she can get her hands on. Unfortunately the stereo isn't functioning but one day I hope I can afford to have it looked at. The right hand door is the speaker and the left opens to show the radio and some shelves. I've been thinking about painting it but realized new fabric would be the better choice. I love this cabinet, the handles, the peg legs... and I can't wait to show off the upgrade as it will be my first project!

I also got a Kona Sold Cotton: Medium Grey to make myself a pleated skirt. My sister made it in the chevron and its fab. But I need a straight up none pattern in my wardrobe now that I'm back at work.

I hope to have updates soon! It IS the long weekend and all...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have two projects going on right now. Both in bamboo silk. I'm still not used to knitting with something so slippery!

My KAL is too big for me but I'll make sure it goes to a loving home. In the meantime it still needs a rework on the bottom and hopefully that happens before the weekend. But what I had to do first was frog the bottom because I bind off too tight and it barely made it over my hips.
It should hang loose but its slouched here because its tight.

But I didn't discover it was too tight until after binding off, blocking AND after weaving in the ends. Who waits to try it on after doing all of the above? Me. A person absolutely naive that it might not fit! *insert maniacal laugh here* cause its all I got folks.

The bulk around the bust should be filled... with bust. But its not.

Basically I used a yarn I was new to and it had much more weight and drape than I thought it would.

But again, I've learned a few things on this tank.

   1. Research before blocking. Assume nothing. Cause throwing this sucker in the sink of water, as you can imagine, made it grow 3 times its size. So into the dryer it went! I was supposed to lay it down dry and spritz it with water. "Ahhhh yes, that makes more sense," is about where my mind went.
   2. I am way too thorough when weaving in ends. Man, unweaving it last night was entirely too difficult. Especially after blocking.
   3. I did learn how to frog but I pre-loaded my stitches on a 'brake' needle so I wouldn't have to pick them up after. Woo-hoo to that!

So I hope to gift this along and then make another for myself, downsized and with a more structured yarn.

The second project is this bandana scarf.

A LONG overdue present that got put aside for the above tank... I hope it blocks nicely. Now that I know how to properly block bamboo silk that is. *cough cough*
Can you tell I'm on a coral fixation?
And I hope I can part with it when I'm done... cause I'm falling in love with it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back at Work - Where's My Free Time Gone?

I've now been back at my office job for 3 weeks now. I'm way behind on knitting, reading my fave blogs and writing blogs!

But as I sit here and catch up I thought I'd share what that looks like.
In anticipation of back-to-work I asked for this lovely Aladdin container for Christmas from Modcloth. Love. It.
Its adorable. Obvious.
And microwavable if I'm stuck without a porcelain bowl to nuke in. I'd buy anything from Aladdin again.

It comes in red too.

Left over pasta and rhurbarb cobbler. Yum!
There is also a divider that fits inside one container like a half moon incase you don't want bits mixing.
And now... back to reading blogs!
Happy Hump Day!