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I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
Laugh with me or at me, I don't care. I just hope I can evolve during this process!

Friday, 20 April 2012

How To Wind a Ball of Yarn

You know that moment when you've run out of the ball of yarn you're working with and don't have a new one wound and ready to go to continue?


My Coachella for the luvinthemommyhood KAL is coming along now. *happy dance* And yesterday in the middle of a great run (baby is napping) BAM. I came to the end of the ball.

My thoughts. "What? How the? oh right. Ach. I don't have time to hand wind a new ball the baby is going to wake by then!"

But what else are you going to do but get winding. Is that the proper term? I could Google™ it but I'm too lazy.

So I quickly wound one with my fancy 'spinner' and 'winder'.
Here's the set up.

You're jealous, aren't you?

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  1. Love the chair (What school did you swipe it from?) ;).
    It's really a killer set up. Way to work with what you've got!

    I can't wait to see your finished top!


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