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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

PC at the Park

I know kids need to learn to handle themselves. I know... I really do!

My son who is now just shy of three is big enough that I don't need to worry about him on the playground for the most part. He can climb high and I know he won't accidentally stagger off the edge. (Unless a bigger kid gets rambunctious and bumps him.) But on the ground, he should be fine! Pfffttt... today I realized I still need to watch carefully.

Picture this. I'm nursing the 4 month old.
I see my son join the 4 + 5 year olds who are running and wrestling. Three of them.
He has no idea how to take someone down. But he found out 3 times in a row. He was the one who went down.

First a clothes line kinda hit. "Oooh" gasp from my friend and I. But my son gets up.
Then a trip to land him on his face. "He'll be okay." Meanwhile struggling to get the baby off my boob.
Then a full on pile drive while he's already down. I'm UP!

Are their moms even paying attention just 20ft away?
Nope. My son gets tackled and smooshed and a mouth full of sand.
I want him to play freely and deal but my Mama Bear kicked in and I marched over with baby on hip to the centre ready to pile drive them all. (Is that wrong?)
Luckily one Nanny dove in and finally one mother but not without me piping up, "Let's go Jordan, they're obviously too big to play with." (I have carefully chosen my words since I can be a bit too sassy and I do have to see these people in the park every day)

But really. Even if your child is big enough to handle himself please make sure they don't pummel other small beings at the park.

My temper was calmed a bit as the mom who stepped in did have her son apologize. But I was still cranky. I wanted revenge! LOL

I'm not a 'helicopter parent' but I do ask respect of others and I just hope when I send my boy off to Nursery School in two weeks that the image of a bigger kid sitting on him and whacking his head on the sand isn't imprinted on my brain!



  1. lol...great and funny read as always !

    I agree with what your saying, my one is now ten so this is not such an issue anymore, but I do think some get complacent taking their kids out. Once a few mums sit in a huddle chatting away they don't seem to care what may be going on with their kids. I don't know what it will take to change the situation - hand on hip and a big stick maybe ? ;D

  2. Oh man. So true! I especially love the mom who sits and texts while this is all going down. Arrrgh! I find this happens a lot at the Early Years Centers - if you've ever been to one.
    Don't tell, but I may just be a 'helicopter parent'... I'm assuming it's one who hovers over? I try not to, but holy man my little guy does a header every time I try to give him his space. Injury city here!
    Ps. I was so bummed I couldn't stick around for dinner & city fun :(. We should meet up sometime in the day when I get back - or even get a bunch of chicks together and have a night out, lunch or whatever! xo


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