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Monday, 13 February 2012

My New 'Stash

After finishing the Yoke Sweater I really wanted to go out and get some new yarns. I have dishcloth yarn now so when I'm down a project I can at least get my fix off dishcloths... watch out friends and family!

But I needed a new project because I love knitting in the evenings while I/we watch a show and kids are in bed, very romantic.

The other night my fiance and I did the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows double bill. We were catching up on Part I just as a refresher, but I'd caught it on the movie network lately so didn't really need it. I asked him if he'd mind if I knit while we watched. He totally hesitated! Hahaha! Its the first time he's ever displayed any kind of opinion on the matter. Wow. In the end I think I knit a bit but then put it away. I think its the clicking of the needles... who wants that in a moment of suspense? Fine.

Back to the main plot here. I headed out to Michaels to get some yarn. We have amazing yarn stores downtown here but some days I just want some new action. And what I found this time, without chasing kids or the pressure of them waiting in the car with fiance, were some really gorgeous yarns. I had a hard time not going crazy.

Useful Information!
As Zellers disappears and Target comes in Michaels will be building their yarn selection to fill the gap. Target doesn't stock yarns so this is good news for Michaels shoppers! Plus I find the selection at Zellers weak anyway (sorry Zellers but its true). I got this info from an employee. And I'm spreading the good word of the Yarn Goddesses!

Here's what I got.
Never mind the dusty stairs. If I'd known that my camera would pick it up I'd have pledged but who has time for that when squeezing in photos with children underfoot?

75% wool, 25% nylon  LionBrand Sock-Ease - Rock Candy
I had no plans to make socks yet, but had to grab this anyway. Plus it was on sale.
I fell in love with the colour combo. These are the colours I love. All mixed together. If it includes the word description Avocado or Eggplant, I love it.

Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends  70% Acrylic, 30% Alpaca - Lavender
 To clarify, yes its acrylic and I said no more, but its not 100% acrylic. And the colour and texture was too good to not grab. I have no idea what I'm going to knit with it so I grabbed 4 skeins because I roll like that.

Lion Brand Nature's Choice 100% Organic Cotton - Olive
 This is the yarn I want to the new Yoke sweater in. Its so gorgeous. And more mustard than olive.

Patons Silk Bamboo 70% Viscose from Bamboo 30% Silk - Coral
This is not as pink as it looks. Its really a fantastic soft coral, apparently THE colour of spring 2012. And I had a hard time not buying this up in every colour-way there! It was 40% off. And this is more of what you'll start seeing at Michaels. Natural fibres. I picked up 4 skeins, its Light/3, and so so soft. Ahhh... Again, no idea what I'll knit with it, but had to have it.

Don't worry I won't hit you with new stash every time but this is really my first lot. So I had to share the love.


  1. ahahha.. knitting at night is a given around here. I've been married so long I don't ask permission because give DH 10min and he's asleep on the couch regardless if he picks the show .)
    Nice haul! your sock yarn is a great colour combo and if you don't knit socks out of it they are great for Baktus scarfs. Get another complimentary plain colour and do a 2x2 garter -nice!
    Happy knitting, I love your stash building o_O

  2. Ah stash!
    Lovely choices, looking forward to seeing what you knit up with it.

  3. just found your blog, we are practically neighbours - I'm in ajax :) I wish i lived closer to the city cause over this way this way the yarn selection sucks. I'm forced to order online. Anyhoo, that delicious patons silk Bamboo you picked up is a gorgeous colour! and i have an idea of what you can knit up... I knit this for my darling daughter and it is so pretty the yarn has a lovely shine.



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