...Cleaver that is... and I'm okay with that! With all of her glorious motherly ways.
I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
Laugh with me or at me, I don't care. I just hope I can evolve during this process!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Funky Knits/A Story


I love this blog and had to share this post!
How creative, inspiring and funny.

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  1. ahhahah... you've made MY day too! :D ...so glad I can easily amuse you Cindy ;D lots of fun was had in the making, and obviously I'm easily amused also..lol

    Thanks for the your post ! :)


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