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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Who's Afraid of Cloth Diapering?

I was at Diaper-Eez recently and they had a draw for the cutest lunch box/cooler bag.
You just had to list the 3 most helpful baby things you wished someone had told you about.
I can't remember what 2 of the 3 were but I know the third was "how easy cloth diapering was".

Because it is.

And its so satisfying to see your green bin container going from overflowing to 1-2 bags in it each week of your food waste.

In addition to it being easy... you can put some very adorable diapers on your baby's bottom!

Poops are a bit gross, but you just deal. And as solids start it gets easier. Throw the flushable liner out and soak the diaper in a bucket of cold water. I've very little stains ever after a proper wash.

I have a wide range of diapers since I tried to buy them online whenever someone had a massive sale.

This first one though I bought at Diaper-Eez. A stack of prefolds and some covers. Look how easy it is... if my hubby can handle it, YOU can handle it.
Pre-Fold Method

cloth and cover

3 fold cloth and insert into cover...

Voila! Diaper ready and its cute as ever.
My mom had made a whole whack of flannel diapers for me. Then you just put a cover (as above) over it.

There's also the All In One (AIO)

I have a few different ones but here's an example.

Bamboo insert that you 3 fold. There's a pocket to tuck it into so its not out like this.

Again. Adorable!

And then the 'designer' diapers. I got it on sale! I love it. You never need bloomers I tell ya!

So really, why wouldn't you?
Oh right. Because the poopy ones are gross. I can't deny that. But you learn to deal with it.
Washing cloth diapers has been very easy. Except when our washer broke for a week. But otherwise, just warm water (hot now and then for a good zap) and special non-residue detergent and voila! I wash every 2 days, that's usually when the dry bucket is full. 

I'm just sad its not summer to show off these beauties! But they will fit her for quite a while. Another nice thing about cloth is that there is good weight coverage with just one size.

Oh! And I won the draw!
The pink butterfly cooler bag!

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  1. Oooh sweet win!! Such a cute cooler bag.

    I love using cloth diapers. We used disposables throughout our recent trip and I was so excited to put cloth back on my boys bums. :) So much nicer, I think.

    Lovin' that denim nappy!


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