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I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Saving Money - Great Breakfasts

There's no better feeling than coming off a habit of constantly buying your breakfast. I love Tim Horton's sausage breakfast sandwich and their tea. The tea is steeped. How it should be. But when it costs $4.98 each morning you have to reevaluate your spending. And really, its just plain lazy of me. I used to be so good at packing lunches and eating at home before I left for work. I don't make time for breakfast at home now so the least I can do is prep it at home and bring it to work. A friend of mine, who is my frugal guru (in a very good way) mentioned this breakfast to me awhile ago. I forgot about it, like I am known to do, until I came upon it on Pinterest. Its prepped at night and ready to eat in the morning. I hit a bulk food store for the old fashioned oats and chia seeds and the rest is straight from your local grocery store.
This is the Banana Cocoa Oatmeal and it was deelish. Oh and its made to go in a mason jar. How awesome.

 I've been doing so great bringing breakfast and lunch in. Do I even need to tell you how happy I am to be saving all that money each week now? Let's just say ModCloth.com is happy. Oh wait. NO! That wasn't the purpose of saving money! And the funny thing? My job is managing budgets on TV production. Which I'm much better at than managing my personal accounts. Ridiculous eh?

So I make three of these each night. One for my kids to share (they're still very young) and one for each myself and my husband.
Anyway go check out this website The Yummy Life and her Oatmeal Yogurt breakfasts!


  1. Mornings aren't my thing so something made at night is perfect for me. These sound very nutritious. Pinterest also has recipes for overnight oatmeal made in the crockpot and thought it would be great when all the family is home. No getting up early to make breakfast.

  2. I love this recipe. I've been having the blueberry one - yum! I've been making a lower fat version though with 0% greek yoghurt and coconut milk or almond milk. I have a mango in the fridge so I might try that one this weekend :-)


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