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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Getting Thrifty

I have a friend (you know who you are) who is the Queen of Thrifting. The photos she sends me of her finds are ridiculous. Seriously. Mini pleather turquoise sofa for her boy's bedroom is just one example.

I don't get out to Goodwill™ very often. To find time on my own to wander around a place like that is not slated into my days. Which I am very sad about. I love wandering around a thrift store. But you need time and patience and no children. Or very well behaved children. Plus the Goodwill closest to me is... uhm... small and well, I think they get what all the other Goodwill's in the area don't want. Oh and I need to drive to it. 

But there were some specific things that I knew would be best found at Goodwill™ so I booked time to go on my own.

While there I popped into the kids section and found this! I was so excited. These things are not cheap. I wanted to get a wall mount one like at the doc's office and you know what? They're like $300 bucks! Okay the floor ones are not so expensive but still. 
Score one for me!
Rollercoaster beads $3

Then I found this in the glass case at the front.
Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle $4

And then this. We already have a set but a second could be used for some DIY thing, I'm sure.
Melissa & Doug alphabet blocks $7

So maybe I underestimated what 'my' Goodwill™ has to offer but I'd need to go daily to catch amazing deals all the time! I really do wish it was only a 'walk' away.

Do you get 'thrifty'?


  1. Great scores! There is a thrift store I love in Guelph, but it takes me so long to get there so it's a bit of a high risk trip with kids. I do it anyway. As soon as I arrive, I use food bribery while I race through the sections I love, all the while promising lots of time in the toy section. It seems to work, but my window for personal browsing is brief and intense! xo

    1. Oh yes, you my friend are my other thrifter! I also fear bringing them into GW because of the grunginess. Am I being a snob?

  2. Hey! I love your finds! So necessary when working with J man. Also, you're not a snob, I don't bring my boys with me when I thrift.

    :) R. - of no fixed blogging address

  3. I love a good thrift find. I think you did very well indeed and little people are only little for so long and their toy tastes change so why not score some good old fashioned toys at a great price.

  4. Hey there. Just checking out your blog (and totally slacking my way through the afternoon until the long weekend gets here). Love to see that you are a fellow thrifter! I think I logged several dozen hours in every thrift store within a 30km radius collecting wool sweaters during a "felting" phase I had last year. It became a bit of an obsession- I couldn't drive by a Goodwill or a Sally-Ann without stopping and combing through the sweater racks. I have a closet full of wool sweaters and a washing maching that I'm sure has some latent irreparable damage.
    -Tracey from Tuesday

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      I have heard that people also unravel wool sweaters to acquire new yarn. They re-wash it and then knit up a new project! I really wish there was one between my work and home that I could hit along the way.


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