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Friday, 6 January 2012

Week #1 Organized Home Challenge Kitchen Organization: Countertops & Sink

Okay folks!
Week 1 of the '52 Weeks To An Organzied Home' is done and I feel gooooooo-oood.
This week was: Kitchen Organization: Countertops & Sink.

A very smart way to start; the kitchen. Its the heart. And as I mentioned, baby steps. Countertop and sink only. And in our house that was a perfect start! We clean each night but only to the road block. The clutter. But what I love is that we now have a beautiful clean base to work from. And I know we can keep it up. My fiance is the one who does most of the cooking and when he walked in today after I'd brought it to the final stage, he swooned. Yup. He did!

I learned so much just from this first challenge as well. Change your dish towels daily. Who knew? Okay, I didn't. Sorry if that grossed you out. I change them when I feel they need to be. Every couple days or so unless one got used to mop up the counter or floor. I assume this daily change should go for dishcloths too so I plan on knitting myself up a bunch of diagonal dishcloths to help with that.

Its also suggested and quite logically (which I love) that if you don't use it daily, put it away somewhere. So my KitchenAid and other items were relocated to the pantry or a cupboard space.What I have now is the kitchen I envisioned but that got taken over by life and babies and life.
Okay, its just the countertops but its a start!

A wee bit of chaos in our kitchen. Dumping grounds for anything and everything. Even the top of the fridge!

So... ready for the reveal?
And now we have calm. And work areas. Now I really want to get the backsplash I keep talking about.

In the corner I've kept the spices, cookie jar, coffee maker and microwave (with tea pot atop!). Its a hard area to use for work so I kept it for the countertop appliances.

Next week we organize Kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Then Kitchen pantry and food storage areas. Very exciting! Yes, I'm quite serious. Laugh. I love getting organized. I just never allow myself the time.
Thank you, coach Taylor!


  1. I'm an organizer nerd too (hence the jars with chalk paint). I just can't commit to this year long challenge. Lol. But I have all sorts of notes and ideas around and use them a little at a time. Half of it is finding the right home for everything. Sigh.

  2. ahhaha.. I too saw this idea on Pinterest however unlike you I did not go there.

    I will say though that I have cleaned out my entire kitchen, our bedroom, offsprings bedroom, 2 bathrooms, lounge, and laundry including under lounges and ALL cupboards and wardrobes since new years day ! ..phew! :D I still have upstairs to go though ->the yarn barn, an office, another cupboard and bathroom :((( Hence why my lack of blogging..lol

    YOU have done an AMZING job with your kitchen - I sighed too the before and after..ahahahahahaha xx

  3. Can you please come do my kitchen too? It looks remarkably similar to your before pic. :-( And don't feel bad about the dish towels. I usually end up throwing 3-4 in the wash every day or 2, since my husband pulls a new one out every.single.time he needs to wipe up a spill. So there are usually a bunch floating around and I never know if they wiped up water or chicken juice. Sigh. Anyway, your kitchen looks awesome!

  4. Thank you Kristen! I have started to fall behind on the challenges. I permit this due to the need to make baby food and knit!
    I have a hubby like yours. Except he uses dinner napkins as his kitchen counter mop! I've bought more tea towels to deter this habit.


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