...Cleaver that is... and I'm okay with that! With all of her glorious motherly ways.
I want to be the mom who bakes, sews and knits.
The only issue is... I don't really do any of those things well, so here's me sharing with you all my 101's.
Laugh with me or at me, I don't care. I just hope I can evolve during this process!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fresh Market Strawberries

I used to freeze berries or fruit by simply washing, chopping and throwing them directly into a freezer bag. What does that give you? A big frozen lump of goodness! But you can't use it in portions then, can you? A couple summer's ago I happened to catch my aunt freezing raspberries the more helpful and one might say, 'proper' way! On a tray...
With gaps in between.

Once they're frozen... put them in a bag as you usually would and...

You can then remove them one at a time if you so choose as they have frozen as individual pieces... not all fused together! BRILLIANT!

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  1. Oh how interesting and something I will try cause I adore the berry family and eat them all year round :D


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